A Note from Brian

A note from owner Brian Davis

Maintaining the appearance of my automobiles has always been a priority of mine. It’s an issue not only of personal pride, but also a recognition that my investment was worth protecting. Like most East Tennesseans who are passionate about their cars, I attempt to hand wash my automobile whenever possible, but time is often an obstacle. So, like many of you, I visit the local car wash.

My biggest objection to automated car washes is not their convenience or price, but rather the quality of the wash. Often, when exiting the car wash, I can observe a visible film on the exterior of my windshield and side windows. This is road grime that, if still on my windows, likely is remaining on the other exterior surfaces of my car as well. Also, no matter what wash package I select, my wheels never seem to come clean.

Perhaps the biggest objection I have is soft cloth equipment that either rotates along the front, back and side surfaces of my car, as well as the soft cloths that clean my hood, roof and trunk lid. Here’s my objection. Those same soft cloths that have already cleaned hundreds of cars and dirty pickup truck beds on any given day are the same soft cloths that attempt to clean my automobile. There’s just no way, try as they might, that some of the dirt, grit and grime from all the vehicles already washed can be removed from these soft cloths. This is often why you can observe swirl marks on the painted surface of most cars that frequent automated car washes. The same soft cloths that are intended to wash our cars can be the unintended abrasives that can damage our cars.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I’ve often tried to imagine the perfect car wash. Well, I’m pleased to say I have, and we opened the doors February, 2012. Conveniently located at 10500 Kingston Pike (Next to Fuji’s), Synergy Auto Wash combines the best of automated car washes with the best of hand car washes.

While Synergy Auto Wash may look similar to most other automated car washes, I’ve made some important changes. I’ve eliminated the soft cloths that other car washes use. In fact, no automated equipment ever comes into contact with your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Once your vehicle enters the conveyor, cleaning agents and soaps are automatically applied. Your automobile is then carefully “hand scrubbed” before high-pressure machines blast the grime from wheels, tires and wheel wells. Your vehicle then continues down the conveyor as a polish wax & drying agent is applied followed by rinse from a 12-foot rain arch. And finally, your car reaches our state of the art blowers before it is carefully “hand dried.” By eliminating the soft-scrub feature utilized by most automated car washes and replacing it with hand washing and drying, not only will your car be cleaner, but its finish will be protected as well.