XTCAudio via Google -- April 2018

★★★★★I hate having to wash my car myself. If you’re lazy, busy, or just prefer not to wash your own car, go here! They did a great job here, very happy with the final outcome. Even when I went to leave, the employee insisted on finishing every last spot. I said “It’s fine I’m sure.” He accepted that I was content and went on his way. Employees are cool and friendly but also hardworking, don’t forget to leave them a tip (it really is hard work!)!

I am curious how the tips are handled; combined and separated at the end of a shift? Or does the person accepting the tip get it all and the employees just rotate who gets the final encounter throughout the day? Also a credit card tip option should be implemented while completing transaction at the start or at a kiosk inside the waiting room.

Will be returning, great company! Keep up the good work!

SOURCE: https://goo.gl/maps/6WLqhcAYVsw